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A Difference You Can Hear

Stemify sounds great and is easy to use. Explore a real-life Stemify session below, featuring a track made by an eMastered customer.

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What Creators Are Saying

Stemify is hands down the best tool of its kind I've ever heard. It's fast, gives incredible results, and is a ton of fun to use.

Smith Carlson

Multi-Platinum, GRAMMY Award Winner
(Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’, Maroon 5, Rihanna, Kanye West, Beyonce, OneRepublic, Ariana Grande)

Smith Carlson

Why Did We Create Stemify?

Most tools like this create phasy, overlapping and muddy sounding audio stems. Stemify's breakthrough is it's ability to separate a song's individual elements, allowing it to create stems that are much cleaner and higher quality than other tools like it. Gone are the days of muddy a capellas or instrumentals, Stemify has changed the way stems will be created forever.


Step 1: Upload

Drag and drop your audio file into the interface


Step 2: Analyze

Stemify listens to the audio and splits it into stems


Step 3: Preview

Listen to each individual stem and download them

Stems That Actually Sound Great

Stemify is the world's best audio separation tool, and the results speak for themselves. Unlike most tools that produce low-quality stems that bleed together, Stemify isolates sonic elements with incredible precision and clarity you won't find from other tools.


A Sleek And Beautiful Interface

Listen to each individual stem (or combinations of them together) on our beautiful preview page. Mute or solo stems, loop playback, and alter pitch instantly. It has never been easier to dial in the ideal sound you're searching for.


Perfect Audio Exports

Download any combination of vocal, drum, piano, or other stems. Create beat-precise loops with the click of a button. Choose from MP3 or Wav formats, and end up with the exact audio stems you want.