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Copyright Infringement Claims / DMCA

If while using or visiting eMastered you come across any content on the platform that you feel infringes on your copyright, you may inform us via email at support@emastered.com using the subject line 'Copyright Claim.' Before sending such an email please keep the following in mind:

  • You may only put forth a copyright claim on the material you own the copyright for, or for content where you are authorized to represent the owner's interests.
  • In a copyright claim email please include a hyperlink to the URL in which the infringement is located.
  • If you submit a copyright claim via email please include as much evidence and information as possible proving that the owner's copyright is being infringed upon.
  • False, malicious, or otherwise intentionally misleading or disingenuous copyright claims are illegal and will be prosecuted, and creating such a claim will result in your account being terminated or suspended.
  • Should damages arise (legal fees or other damages) out of a false / malicious copyright claim that affects eMastered, the copyright owner / authorized licensee and / or the person who tracks the copyright claim report you will be held directly responsible for all charges and fees incurred in resolving any damages.