9 Best 808 Sample Packs for 2024

9 Best 808 Sample Packs for 2024 9 Best 808 Sample Packs for 2024

Over the past decade, 808s have become a staple in hip-hop.

Any great beatmaker knows the importance of having high-quality 808s in their arsenal.

Of course, one could also say that the 808 sound is so overused that it can be difficult to create tracks that sound interesting or unique. If you're not somebody that likes to Tinker around with synthesis and create your own 808s, it can make things even more difficult.

We've got a solution for you.

To help add more interest to your beats, we've compiled a list of the best 808 sample packs on the market today.

Ready to get that massive low-end you've been dreaming of?

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1. Local Musician - Warm 808s

Local Musician - Warm 808s

This 100% free sample pack of 808s has more than 500 royalty-free 808 sounds that are ready to use and have everything you need to make your beats rock.

Warm 808s has some pretty clear influences from artists like Lil Wayne, Metro Boomin, and Travis Scott, though the flexibility of these samples allows them to be used in many different genres, from trap production to hip-hop to future bass and beyond.

Obviously, finding a great 808 for a track can be a difficult ask for any producer or musician, so having a massive pack with all kinds of different sounds to choose from can be very helpful.

2. Tape 808

Tape 808

The original 808 came from an old-school drum machine Roland TR-808. This machine used analog components to deliver a warm and, by today's standards, retro 808 tone. The Tape 808 sample pack recreates the sound of the original TR-808 drum machine.

Each 808 sample in the pack was carefully recorded by Toronto-based music producer 4th Pyramid.

Not only does he give you the original sounds and samples from the TR-808, but also an array of treated and processed samples to make your beats hit even harder.

If you're looking for real 808 samples, look no further.

3. TriSamples - 808 TrapStep Vol. 1

TriSamples - 808 TrapStep Vol. 1

This hard-hitting sample pack from TriSamples gives you everything you need to make heavy yet smooth hip-hop, future bass, and, of course, trap. Beyond the high-quality 808s in this pack, you'll find many drum samples, FX samples, and more.

There's not much more to say about this free sample pack other than the fact that it bangs pretty hard.

4. SampleRadar 808 Pack

SampleRadar 808 Pack

If the Tape 808 sample pack didn't already do it for you, you can check out the Roland TR-808 sample pack from SampleRadar . This warm and retro sample pack gives you access to Roland TR-808 samples that were beautifully recorded and processed with a variety of digital and analog effects, making them ready to drop into any production.

SampleRadar divided the 808 into two main folders - loops and hits.

These WAV files can be easily imported into your DAW of choice and can be used in any way you see fit!

5. Cymatics Trap Starter Pack

Cymatics Trap Starter Pack

The Trap Starter Pack from Cymatics is a carefully compiled collection of the team’s personal favorites from several different Cymatics drum packs they have put out over the years.

Beyond a range of quality 808 samples, you'll find just about every kind of sample or sound you need to create dope trap records, including drums, FX, melodies, and more.

Many of the Sounds in this sample pack were inspired by artists like Drake, Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Lil Uzi.

6. Cymatics Ultimate Collection

Cymatics Ultimate Collection

Going out and downloading a hundred packs can be overwhelming, especially when we begin sifting through all of them on your hard drive.

This is where a sample pack like the Cymatics Ultimate Collection comes in handy. You'll find 6 sample packs bundled into this collection, including the Thunder 808 Kit, the Mayhem Premium 808 kit, the Goliath 808 Collection, the 808 Essentials pack, the Lethal 808 Samples pack, and the Vortex 808 Enhancer.

The beauty of this bundle is that you can save tons of money instead of purchasing multiple sample packs independently.

This bundle gives you more than 200 808 samples in different lengths and forms, as well as the Vortex 808 Enhancer plugin, which you can use to help your 808 samples blast through the speakers.

7. Abletunes 808 Sample Pack

Abletunes 808 Sample Pack

The 808 sample pack from Abletunes comes with 50 808 samples that are labeled by key, which were made using drum sense and analog drum machines. Some of the machines used to make this sample pack include the Elektron Analog Heat, the Jomox MBase 01, and, of course, the Roland TR-808.

To help these 808 samples stand out, they were processed with analog distortion, EQs, and filters.

This unique collection of tight, hard-hitting, and punchy 808 bass samples cut through mixes with very little effort. Whether you're mixing trap, hip-hop, future bass variations, or EDM, these samples will certainly add that extra needed low-end to your mix.

8. 808 Mafia Free Drum Kit

808 Mafia Free Drum Kit

Unless you're a hip-hop producer living under a rock, you've most likely heard of 808 Mafia . This top-rated team of producers makes beats that are in high demand. If you were looking to produce Dietz in the style of TM88, Southside, or Lex Luger, then having these drum kits in Your arsenal is an absolute must.

You'll find more than 440 high-end samples that you can use to diversify your drum kit bank.

Best of all, this kit is available for free download!

9. Sample Magic TR-808 Samples

Sample Magic TR-808 Samples

One of my favorite places to get samples these days is from Splice. There are so many great sample packs to choose from, and all of the samples are beautifully categorized, making them easy to find in a pinch.

If I had a top five favorite sample creators list, the team from Sample Magic would certainly be on it. The Sample Magic TR-808 sample pack is absolutely magical, delivering every possible 808 sound you could think of in different tones and pitches, making it really easy to find the right one for your production without interrupting your workflow.

Every 808 in this sample pack was pristinely recorded through a high-end analog signal path, including a Neve 1073 preamp and a Prism Orpheus soundcard.

As with many of the other sample packs on this list, the Sample Magic TR-808 sample pack is totally free.

Add an Earth-Shaking Sound to Your Mixes with the Best Sample Packs in 2023

We hope you found this list of the best 808 sample packs useful!

With so many great 808 sample packs on the market today, a number of which are free, there's no reason not to grab all the samples on this list and start making hip-hop, trap, or EDM that’s more interesting and unique.

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