Best Free Bass VST Plugins for 2024 & Beyond

Best Free Bass VST Plugins for 2024 & Beyond Best Free Bass VST Plugins for 2024 & Beyond

In modern production, having high-end VST instruments is a must. When it comes to bass VST plugins, finding ones with decent enough sound quality to add to your arsenal can be a challenge.

Luckily, we've put in the work of sampling all of the free bass VST plugins we could find to bring you our list of the best on the market.

If you're ready to inject some pro bass sounds into your mix, come dive in with us as we explore the ins and outs of the best free bass VST plugins on the market today.

What Is A Bass VST Plugin?

To make sure we're on the same page, we want to tell you what our definition of a bass VST plugin is.

To us, a bass VST plugin is any plugin that provides low-frequency sounds. This could mean a bass synthesizer, a bass guitar, or any other low-end virtual instrument.

1. Ample Bass P Lite II

Ample Bass P Lite II
  • 443 bass guitar samples with various articulations
  • Rich and realistic finger noise
  • Multiple capo logistics for unique fingerings
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

Ample Bass P Lite II has become one of the most reputable bass guitar VSTs on the market, not to mention one of the best free bass VST plugins in general. This high-quality bass VST provides 443 samples, including hammer-ons, pull-offs, sustain, and accent articulations. When integrating Ample Bass P Lite II into a rack, you can use a maximum of two sampling cycles.

If you're someone who enjoys playing your virtual instruments with a MIDI keyboard, you'll love the fact that you can use your modulation wheel to get high-quality vibrato.

One thing that truly puts Ample Bass P Lite II on top is the fact that it's super easy to understand. Plus, each time you hover your cursor over the various parameters on the interface, it'll give you a small explanation as to what that control does.

From the ease of use to sound quality to presets, this free bass VST has everything you need to get genuine, high-end bass tones.


  • Great for groovy, realistic bass guitar tones and rock-centric bass sounds
  • Tons of unique articulations
  • Sleek and intuitive interface


  • Has a lack of onboard effects

2. TAL-Bassline

  • Virtual analog synthesizer
  • Unique -18dB low-pass filter
  • Random components for a warm, analog sound
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

TAL-Bassline is an emulation of a virtual analog synthesizer that is great for delivering high-fidelity acid sounds. The sound quality, which comes from the plugin's "robust core" is classically vintage, giving you an analog sound with the included low-pass filter and digital control that you could only get from a digital plugin.

We love how the developers packed many features into this plugin, including the modulation source, allowing you to adjust the LFO to the waveform or the clock rate. With the source mixer, you can introduce a bit of white noise to give your basslines analog realism or adjust the range and modulation using the VC controls.

The VCF lets you manipulate the resolution and frequency using the keyboard, envelope, or modulator. On the other hand, you can manipulate the VCA with a gate or envelope according to your preferences.

We know that most producers never take a look at manuals when they buy new plugins, though the user guide for the TAL Bassline plugin is packed with high-quality info that will help you dial-in wall-rattling bass in an instant.


  • Tons of snappy envelope controls
  • A 96-step sequencer is great for acid basslines
  • MIDI automation for all sliders and pots


  • A bit heavy on the CPU

3. Subdivine Lite

Subdivine Lite
  • Six high-quality presets
  • ADSR controls
  • High-fidelity drive knob
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

If you're a hip-hop producer, there will probably come a point when you need high-quality 808-style bass sounds. This is where a plugin like Subdivine Lite comes in. This 808 bass plugin comes with six built-in presets, an adjustable ADSR, an adjustable drive knob, and a fully functional pitch bend.

We love the glide feature, which allows for more realistic bends and swells in pitch. The saturation that you get from the drive knob is ultra-clean too, great for getting your bass to poke out of small speakers, where it would otherwise disappear.

While the plugin is fairly limited in terms of versatility, it is a great free bass VST plugin if you're lacking a collection of 808s.


  • Killer 808-style bass sounds for hip-hop
  • Clean and modern interface
  • Fully-functional pitch bend


  • Kind of a one-trick pony

4. Steinberg Model E

Steinberg Model E
  • Analog bass plugin
  • Three oscillators, six waveforms, two envelope generators, and a noise generator
  • Assignable velocity routing
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

The Steinberg Model E is an ultra-capable synth bass plugin that is great for pumping out heavy low-end basslines with three oscillators and a handy noise generator. You get all of the features you would expect from a synth bass plugin, including filter modulation, key tracking, glide, envelope generators, and assignable velocity.

However, there are also some unique features that come with the Steinberg Model E that are great too, like the Stereo Spread control, great for widening your basslines and filling the stereo spectrum.

For such a versatile synth, the Model E doesn't eat up a ton of CPU, allowing you to use multiple instances of the plugin to fill out the frequency spectrum. No matter what kind of analog bass sound you are looking for, the Steinberg Model E can deliver.


  • Very diverse range of analog bass sounds
  • Massive bank of presets to get you started
  • Syncable LFO frequency


  • Tiny controls can be difficult to work with on smaller screens

5. Devil Bass Module

Devil Bass Module
  • Dual oscillators and an amp envelope
  • Two-band equalizer
  • Single drawable envelope
  • Compatible with Windows

If you're looking for a free bass VST that can add deep yet vibrant bass sounds to your electronic music production, then the Devil Bass Module bass synthesizer is an excellent choice. This VST instrument uses two oscillators and packs in 18 different waveforms. You get tons of cool features, including a filter with an adjustable cutoff frequency, a drawable amp envelope, and a two-band equalizer.

Unlike some other free bass synthesizer plugins out there, this one gives you the ability to delve into advanced sound-shaping thanks to the LFO and 'vibe' selector. No matter what kind of bass sound you're looking for, you can create it with this versatile plugin.


  • Plenty of unique sound-shaping possibilities
  • 18 different waveforms to choose from
  • A drawable amp envelope is great for tonal customization


  • Does not include a phase knob

6. EVM Synths Bassline II

EVM Synths Bassline II
  • WaveSample bass player plugin
  • Clear, selectable preset window
  • Rackmount-style interface
  • Compatible with Windows

Whether you're a complete beginner or a music production expert, Bassline II from EVM Synths is a must-have. For starters, we love how straightforward the interface is, allowing you to choose a preset from the program select window and shape with the built-in controls.

What really sets this plugin apart from the other free bass VST plugins on this list is its ability to produce an ultra-simple yet effective low-end bass sound without any tweaking. It's kind of a staple for recording.


  • Great sound quality for staple bass tones
  • Added ADSR controls for further manipulation
  • Octave button for deeper subtones


  • Some people have had issues with output sound after the recent update

7. Nusofting Sinnah

Nusofting Sinnah
  • Synth bass plugin that uses a polyphonic resonant delay network
  • Onboard EQ
  • 152 included factory presets
  • Compatible with Windows

While Sinnah might look overwhelming at first glance, the conceptual aspect of it is the simplest of all the free bass VST plugins on our list. This is because it uses a single complex oscillator with five waveforms as its foundation.

Where it really shines is the three-channel delay matrix and harmonic controls. With these parameters, you can enhance the spectral complexity of your bass tones, creating sounds you've never heard before. The feedback sculpting knob is awesome for creating sounds that fold back on themselves a bit, perfect for experimental electronic music.

When things get a bit out of control during your experimentation, you can hone them in using the onboard EQ, which is great for bringing out the best in each tone.

There are 152 factory presets to get you started as well, which never hurts!


  • Ultra unique synth bass architecture
  • Very raw yet massive bass tones
  • Tons of flexibility with several manipulation options


  • The interface may be a bit busy and utilitarian for some users

8. u-He TyrellN6

u-He TyrellN6
  • High-end analog-style bass synth
  • Two oscillators and two filters
  • 580 included factory presets
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

When it comes to top-notch free VST plugins, we often look to u-He. While the company develops tons of awesome VST plugins, one of the best on the roster is the TyrellN6 synthesizer. This is one of the few free bass VSTs out there that can deliver uncanny analog synth tones.

So, it's worth noting that we might be cheating by adding this VST plugin to the list, as it is more of a synthesizer than a bass plugin, though, with all of the wicked bass tones it delivers, we felt that adding it was a must!

While there are plenty of manipulation options available on the plugin's interface, u-He managed to keep everything pretty clean for easy tweaking.

The oscillators are rich and powerful, the envelopes are warm and detailed, and the filters sound absolutely incredible. With over 580 factory presets to choose from, you pretty much have everything you need to make an entire song. No matter where in the realm of music producers you fall, the TyrellN6 is a must-have.


  • Killer sound quality
  • Very faithful Juno-style sounds
  • Complex sounds and snappy envelopes


  • Many presets sound harsh in the upper range, thanks to the lack of aliasing

9. LinPlug FreeAlpha

LinPlug FreeAlpha
  • 32-note polyphonic subtractive synthesis
  • Powerful modulation matrix
  • Two oscillator modules
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

The LinnPlug FreeAlpha bass synth VST is the free version of the plugin's bigger borther — LinPlug Alpha. However, it shares a ton of the paid plugin's best features and two oscillators for a range of beautiful bass tones.

In short, it's a 32-note polyphonic synthesizer that uses subtractive synthesis. Beyond the two oscillators, you get two envelopes, three LFO modules, and a filter module. The modulation matrix is surprisingly powerful, allowing you to manipulate preset sounds with ease to make them your own.

What's great about this free bass VST plugin is that it comes with tons of great built-in presets to get you started, which can be great for beginners who aren't well-versed in the world of synthesis.

Over the years, this plugin has become a staple for electronic music producers, and even though it was released in the mid-2000s, it still holds up today.


  • Tons of great presets to get you started
  • Versatile modulation matrix
  • All types of synth basses included


  • GUI is definitely outdated and can be a bit frustrating on small screens

10. Monoplugs Monique

Monoplugs Monique
  • Digital bass and lead synthesizer
  • Continuous morphable oscillators
  • Built-in sequencer
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

Monoplugs Monique is one of the most versatile monophonic subtractive synthesizers on the market today and is great for just about any kind of producer. While you'll find tons of leads and synth sounds in this plugin, it truly excels in the low-end realm.

From clean, sinewave subs to ultra-aggressive, heavily-distorted bass tones, it can do it all. You'll find three oscillators in this synth with filter rows for each. There is also a versatile effects section and modulation section for further manipulation.

One thing that stands out about Monique is its advanced automation and modulation possibilities, allowing you to craft ultra-complex sounds with character and depth. Plus, with the included arpeggiator, you can deliver fast and melodic electro bass melodies in a pinch.

Honestly, with how versatile this plugin is and how gorgeous the GUI is, it's a complete surprise that it's free.


  • Advanced modulation and automation possibilities
  • Tons of great built-in effects
  • Gorgeous interface


  • Tiny controls can be hard to work with for some

11. Bosphy Bass

Bosphy Bass
  • Simple digital bass plugin
  • Fader-style LFO manipulation
  • Built-in reverb
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

Here at eMastered, we love simplicity, which is why we had to include Bosphy Bass in our list of the best bass VST plugins. This free bass VST has an ultra-simple interface and provides a high-quality, natural bass sound that you can use in almost any genre.

As for controls, you get easy-to-dial LFO settings that you can see with a fader-style visual as you switch through the different presets, allowing for easy LFO manipulation. To the right of that lies a few simple parameters to alter the attack and sustain of your chosen patch. There's even a small reverb knob if your patch needs a bit of space around it.

The reverb doesn't sound amazing , though it was a nice thought.

Whether you're on the hunt for modern electro sounds or a classic, clean sound, you can get both from the same engine.


  • Ultra-simplistic interface
  • Very natural bass sound
  • Clear and defined controls


  • Not very versatile compared to other digital-style bass plugins out there

12. DSK BassZ

  • 24 built-in basses
  • Amp envelope for shaping ADSR
  • Quality velocity response for a more dynamic sound
  • Compatible with Windows

DSK BassZ might look like one of those plugins that was created at the turn of the century, though it still holds up as one of the best free bass plugins out there. There are 24 unique bass sounds packed into this free plugin, which you can filter through using the clear patch window.

You get a number of manipulation options for each patch as well, including a master section, which includes pan, level, and fine-tuning controls.

As you might expect, the amp envelope gives you the ability to adjust your ADSR so you can fine-tune your bass to sit alongside your other tracks.

Compared to some other plugins on this list, this free bass VST is certainly not game-changing. However, with how many different basslines you can dial-in using such simple controls, it's great for injecting a bit of extra low-end into your mixes.


  • 24 awesome presets to choose from
  • Easy-to-use master section for further fine-tuning
  • Very easy on your CPU


  • Outdated GUI that lacks versatility

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