eMastered Is Hiring!

eMastered Is Hiring! eMastered Is Hiring!

What Is eMastered:

eMastered is an audio technology company started by Grammy Winners. We build products and services for music creators leveraging Artificial Intelligence and other cutting edge technologies to deliver beautiful products people rely on and love. Our entire team has had extensive careers as professional artists, producers and engineers, and we’re passionate about making products we ourselves would like to use.

Roles And Responsibilities:

As our Developer you will be responsible for implementing, managing and overseeing development responsibilities for eMastered, assisting in both product development as well as other engineering projects for the company.

You will be a central piece of our development team, and our ideal candidate possesses tremendous work ethic, problem solving skills, communication abilities and a positive attitude.

We are looking to hire someone with a passion and expertise in music and audio related technology in general to help eMastered soar to new heights.


A strong work-ethic geared around problem solving, with a willingness to communicate and work together on multiple projects at once.

An ability to hire, oversee, and manage other developers to assist in relevant projects for the company on a freelance and potentially full-time basis.

Vast experience (8 years+) managing, putting together and leading development teams, ideally for a music technology startup.

Deep knowledge of audio , web based audio, synthesis, FFT, VST / audio related plugins, advanced music theory , PHP, Javascript, Python, analytics, scaling architecture, billing / payments systems (Braintree), and basic systems and interfaces used by modern startups and technology companies.

A willingness to adopt and embody a data-driven approach to decision making.

An ability to work both remotely and on-site at a high capacity with a level of accountability.

Responsibilities (And Estimated Percentage Time Allocation For The First 12 Months)

(40%): Assisting and deploying site tests, fixes, and overall development optimizations.

Projects constantly come up that need attending to. These include more basic tasks like implementing / organizing analytics events, managing email / server behavior and tracking, and connecting and adjusting billing architecture. A good portion of your time will be spent deploying and finding optimized solutions for these tasks and initiatives, and quickly deploying the relevant changes. We will do our best to outline these in a project management format like SCRUM, but scenarios will arise where tasks must be handled on the fly.

(50%): Helping to bring new products to life.

A good chunk of your time will be spent implementing products we are currently building into the eMastered architecture. This can include all sorts of work, including new audio technology, piracy protection / implementations, billing logics, actual product features, and any number of other aspects of product development.

(10%): Hiring and Managing Outside Talent.

To help carry the development load you’ll be provided the opportunity to hire and oversee outside freelancers on specific aspects of the development work needed for eMastered. Thus we envision a portion of your time each day managing, assisting and overseeing such talent to the completion of the projects you put them on.


Please send all resumes to smith at emastered dot com with the email subject as: ATTENTION: Developer

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