eMastered Review: 8 Content Creators Give Their Thoughts

eMastered Review: 8 Content Creators Give Their ThoughtseMastered Review: 8 Content Creators Give Their Thoughts

eMastered has been around for quite a while now, and over the years our initial goal of using online mastering to help musicians make music more affordably and effectively has been a resounding success.  As our company has grown so too has our support within the audio production community, and we’ve been fortunate to have some fantastic eMastered review content from Youtube content creators. Don’t believe us? Check out what some Youtube content creators said about us below!

1. The Recording Revolution’s “Online Mastering,” Video.

The Recording Revolution is well established as one of the go-to places for music creators to learn more about mixing, recording, and producing their music. Graham does a fantastic job breaking down complex processes like mixing, mastering and recording into well-produced digestible videos.

He also gave eMastered a shot several years ago and was impressed with the results:

“I dragged a song into eMastered and I loved what it did with it. It brought it more forward, it cleaned it up, I like what it did level wise, and it (was) fast.”
– Graham from Recording Revolution

2. C-Threep Music’s “Master Your Songs Online,” Video.

With nearly 50,000 subscribers C-Threep has become a great resource for music production tips and insights. He also is a supporter of eMastered, and made a video highlighting just how great he thinks the mastering tool sounds:

“eMastered could not be more simple….”
– C-Threep Music

3. Firewalk’s “Does It Really Work,” Video.

Firewalk’s channel is an excellent resource for FL Studio videos on music production. He’s also made an entire video review of eMastered, and loved how the results sounded. Hear his full review below:

“(eMastered) applied just the right amount of compression…(It) made a master just as good as my tailor made master in a matter of seconds…It does a great job of interpreting the content I upload and makes the right adjustments.” – Firewalk

4. Julian Gray’s “Does Online Mastering Actually Work,” Video.

Julian Gray has made a name for himself with quality content for music production. We aren’t the only ones who think so: his 40,000 subscribers are a testament to the value he’s bringing to the music production community. He’s also an accomplished producer in his own right.

Julian went into an eMastered review experience with skepticism, but was incredibly impressed with how the end result sounded.

“(eMastered) is very clean and loud…It made the song a lot more dynamic…Very Impressed!”
– Julian Gray from Julian Gray Media.

5. Beat Academy’s “Shortcut Your Mixes With Online Mastering,” Video.

Grammy-Nominated IllFactor has been making quality productions for years, and more recently has created a wonderful site to teach music production, writing and recording / mixing with Beat Academy.

He also gave eMastered a review that did a great job of showing how the engine can handle your music, check it out below.

“In the eMastered version the vocals popped out a bit more, and it applied some great compression to the low end that I liked.
– IllFactor from Beat Academy

6. Multiplier’s “Do Online Mastering Services Work,” Video.

Multiplier is a man of many talents. He’s a skilled producer, a wonderful sound designer, and also has one of the best and biggest music production channels on Youtube. He also put eMastered to the test and was amazed by the results, see what he had to say below:

“eMastered was way better, brighter and louder.”
– Multiplier

7. BroBeatzTV’s “ Best Online Mastering Engine ,” Video.

Brobeatz has an excellent channel on hip hop production. He also thinks eMastered is a great application, and made a full video review describing just that.  

“I use it. You just drag and drop your files and minutes later you get the mastered result. It makes everything I’ve uploaded sound better”
– Brobeatz

8. KSVDE’s “ Best Online Mastering Engine ,” Video.

KSVDE has an excellent youtube channel covering sound design, mixing and other production techniques. He was also one of the early supporters of eMastered, and loved the results he got from using it. See his review video below:

“eMastered preserves dynamics, and allows the overall track to still have peaks and valleys. I wasn’t expecting it to give me something as dynamic as it does. It feels really detailed.”

Don’t Just Take Their Word For It. Try It For Yourself.

We’ve been fortunate to have such great reviews from incredible content creators online, but now it’s time for you to see why. Our mastering tool is completely free to try, and in seconds you’ll be able to hear how much better eMastered’s professional mastering can make your tracks sound. What are you waiting for? Click the link below to get started, or read our other articles about how to make better music on our blog.  

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