Free Downloads: Chord Generator, Granulator 2, & Drum Machine Samples

Free Downloads: Chord Generator, Granulator 2, & Drum Machine SamplesFree Downloads: Chord Generator, Granulator 2, & Drum Machine Samples

Nothing is better than free plugins when it comes to music production. In many cases, there are tons of options to choose from that will provide quality results. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some free, helpful tools for your music. This list includes a chord generator, Granulator 2 (one of our personal favorites), and some quality drum machine, synth, and vinyl samples.

Granular Synthesis for Glitching

This free plugin is perfect for adding some unique sounding glitch effects to your productions. Granulator 2 is available for Ableton users only and uses granular synthesis to create a stream of crossfading samples. The controls allow you to modify the envelope, size, and other elements of the glitched samples to your liking. You can find a video of this plugin in action below.

Download Granulator 2 : Here

Auto Generate Chords

This chord generator is a free plugin for Ableton Live that will make chords much easier to create and comes with a major and minor chord generator option. In addition, you can add automation for a chord sequence and set each interval level with the plugin’s macros. Even better, if you need help finding which intervals work together, you can find a chord cheat sheet here .

Download the Chord Generator : Here

Vintage Samples

Micah Frank, a talented sound designer from Puremagnetik, has dropped two new sample packs, and they’re both free! Titled; Wicked Kits , it’s loaded with tons of synth and vinyl samples, as well as drum samples from machines like the SP12. This kit includes five different packs in total, all made for Ableton Live.

These freebies barely scratch the surface when it comes to Ableton. You can auto-generate a few chords and then run it through Granulator 2 and build a new drum sequence from Puremagnetik’s sample packs.

Download Wicked Kits : Here

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