13 Best Lo-Fi Sample Packs: Free & Paid Options

13 Best Lo-Fi Sample Packs: Free & Paid Options 13 Best Lo-Fi Sample Packs: Free & Paid Options

Are you looking to add your two cents to the study and chill movement?

If so, you need some quality lo-fi sample packs to get started.

While there are about a million ways to approach making lo-fi music, I find that it's often inspiring to start with a collection of lo-fi loops, samples, and drum kits.

To get you going on the right path, we've made a list of the best lo-fi sample packs on the market today.

1. Orchid Premium Sample Collection

Orchid Premium Sample Collection

One of the things that I love most about lo-fi is that you can take just about any source you can think of and reduce its quality to give lo-fi sound. Orchid Premium Sample Collection from Cymatics offers a wide range of incredible source materials, perfect for crafting that lo-fi vibe.

The vocal loops and guitar loops in this pack are absolutely insane!

Every guitar loop in this pack was carefully stacked with two to three additional vocal and guitar layers, giving you more than 30 stems to play around with.

Overall, you'll find nine lo-fi guitar loops, eight hi-hats, eight lo-fi vocals, 15 basses and 808s, 21 lofi melody loops, 14 percussion loops, 15 drum loops, 15 drum one-shots, and more.

2. Eternity Lo-Fi Sample Pack

Eternity Lo-Fi Sample Pack

Those looking for that sweet, warm sound of vintage tape, which was made popular by iconic hip-hop albums like The Infamous, Illmatic, and Enter the Wu-Tang, should definitely check out the Eternity Lo-Fi Sample Pack from Cymatics.

Within the sample pack, you'll find a wide range of analog-processed lo-fi loops, samples, instruments, and drums. Everything in this sample pack was recorded in the studio with reel-to-reel tape machines, cassette recorders, and other vintage pieces of hardware. 

All in all, you get more than 100 lo-fi drum one-shots, more than 60 lo-fi drum Loops & fills, More than 15 lo-fi bass one-shots,  more than 170 lo-fi piano samples, guitar loops, and harp loops, and over 50 vocals.

Best of all, this lofi hip-hop sample pack is absolutely free!

3. Rhodes Sample Pack

Rhodes Sample Pack

No instrument better represents the lo-fi vibe than the Rhodes keyboard. This free lofi sample pack is simple yet powerful, giving you the sound of the Rhodes 73 Stage piano that has been processed through analog hardware.

Every loop and sample in this pact was carefully recorded by a Grammy-nominated pianist, giving you a wide range of well-played, high-quality sounds to inject a mood into your mixes.

All in all, the pack includes six dry melody loops, five tape-processed melody loops, chord one-shots, and multiple additional lo-fi samples.

4. Whipped Cream Sounds Purple Slush Zero

Whipped Cream Sounds Purple Slush Zero

The Purple Slush Zero sample pack is the younger sibling of the popular Purple Slush Lo-Fi sample pack and is probably one of the best free lofi sample packs on the market. You'll find a wide range of dusty drums, inspirational melodies, and additional instrument samples.

There are more than 100 royalty-free samples in total, including chord Loops, melodies, and effects. It's an incredibly versatile and authentic sample pack, whether you make lofi hip-hop or not.

5. Life Ambient Recordings

Life Ambient Recordings

One of the most common techniques used in lo-fi production is layering tracks with ambient, real-life recordings. From river streams to city sounds to fire crackles to ocean waves, there are infinite possibilities.

This is where a sample LIFE comes in handy. You'll find a massive collection of real-life sounds, perfect for a day ambiance to your beats and filling in the cracks.

While you can certainly go out and create your own field recordings, this sample pack is a great place to start. Plus, you aren't limited to using it in lo-fi music, as it's extremely versatile.

6. Osaka Sound's LoFi Beats Vol. 1

Osaka Sound LoFi Beats Vol. 1

Osaka Sound’s Lofi Beats Vol. 1 sample pack is deeply packed with lo-fi loops and dusty drum samples. Whether you are looking to make jazzy, vintage beats, or hard-hitting, boom-bap-style bangers, this incredible Bank of lo-fi samples offers an astonishing amount of versatility.

Overall, you get 120 loops, 120 drums, and 40-one shots.

Note that if you're seeking out good instrument melodies, I might recommend you look into another pack. However, download this pack and you'll have all the drums you need to get inspired.

7. Your Local Musician - Lo-fi Guitar Loops Bundle

Your Local Musician - Lo-fi Guitar Loops Bundle

Your Local Musician is one of my absolute favorite sample makers for lo-fi loops and samples, and the Lo-Fi Guitar Loops bundle gives you all three sample packs from the latest sample pack series. If you want to add that chill, lo-fi guitar vibe to your beats, we can't think of a better sample pack.

You'll find more than 60 stems and loops in this sample pack and Your Local Musician was generous enough to provide both processed and DI versions of each sound.

The great thing about buying these packs as a bundle is that you save more than 30% compared to what you would spend buying them individually.

8. Black Octopus Sound - Bigfoot Lo-Fi Elements

Black Octopus Sound - Bigfoot Lo-Fi Elements

The Bigfoot Lo-Fi sample pack by Black Octopus Sound gives you samples that are larger than life. From big bass lines to big drums, this sample pack has a big vintage vibe, blending the warm and instantly recognizable sounds of the 80s and 90s, all while keeping things well-suited to modern beat-making.

It might be among the most innovative sample packs on our list, giving you a truly unique range of lo-fi sounds to use.

You'll find loads of carefully recorded live instruments alongside programmed grooves and beats. From pianos to saxophones to vinyl crackles and FX, this sample pack has everything you need!

Honestly, it would take too long to list out everything in this pack, so I highly recommend checking it out for yourself!

9. Get You to the Moon - LoFi Hip-Hop

Get You to the Moon - LoFi Hip-Hop

The Get You To the Moon Lo-Fi Hip-Hop sample pack offers the dusty and dreary imperfections of lo-fi beats with melodic sounds that feel like they were crafted in outer space. You'll find a wide array of sounds and loops, including vintage drum Loops, mellow chords, deep sub-bass lines, and dreamy textures, all of which have tape-like timbre.

If you like authentic vibes in your beats, though you want to give it a more modern sound, the Get You To the Moon sample pack is one of the best on this list. Overall, you get 65 loops, including five bass loops, 32 drum loops, 23 key loops, and five atmosphere sounds.

10. Black Octopus - Lo-Fi Soul Keys

Black Octopus - Lo-Fi Soul Keys

This sample pack from Black Octopus is all about gritty soul sounds, delivering a wide range of sultry keyboard loops blended perfectly with gritty saturation

Whether you make soul beats, pop, lofi hip-hop, or downtempo, the samples can take your tracks to the next level. Not only will you find a seemingly endless lo-fi collection of pianos, but you'll also find a beautiful lo-fi collection of synths and Rhodes, perfect for adding layers to your productions.

Open this sample pack up and you'll find more than 40 freshly chopped loops, great for just about any style of music. The thing that sets these sample packs apart is their glitchy feel, making them different from other sample pack options on this list. 

If the key and synth samples aren’t enough to fulfill your lo-fi needs, there is also an array of MIDI loops inside that you can use with your own software VSTs.

11. Production Master - Sunday Vibes

Production Master - Sunday Vibes

Sunday Vibes is the perfect hip-hop sample pack for those mellow mornings and lazy weekend-style beats, delivering a mellow and lush lo-fi collection of samples, including soft, low-resolution drums, melancholy synths, and more.

The team over at Production Master did an excellent job capturing the nostalgic and vintage characteristics of instrumentation using careful sampling techniques. The gorgeous palette of samples is unmatched, including tape-saturated pianos, broken Rhodes, warbly flutes, and soulful atmospheres.

It is truly one of the best lofi sample packs for a lazy Sunday!

12. Osaka Sound Remember LoFi

Osaka Sound Remember LoFi

The Remember LoFi sample pack by Osaka Sound is an incredibly unique offering, inspired by the ever-evolving culture of modern hip-hop. Every sample in this sample pack has been graced by the dusty, delicate noise of vinyl, including a selection of old-school pianos and keys. You get a warm timbre and laid-back rhythms that'll make your head nod.

The lo-fi sounds in this sample pack were inspired by the likes of YouTube channels such as Chillhop Music, ChilledCow, and Ambition. Overall, you get 40 drum loops, four bass loops, and 25 key loops.

13. Rainy Daze LoFi

Rainy Daze LoFi

Clear your mind and allow tranquil energy to wash over you with the sweet sounds of Rainy Daze LoFi . This dreamy sample pack is filled with an array of cozy atmospheres, melodic instruments, and nostalgic vibes, all of which will leave you feeling inspired.

The library of lofi samples is rich in low-frequency, subsonic energy, including field recordings of gentle rain and spacey pads, perfect for giving your tracks a hypnotic mood.

You'll also find an array of dusty drum Loops, one-shots, and drum stems, great for adding that scratchy yet dynamic substance to your beats.

Beyond that, this sample pack also includes a selection of Serum presets, allowing you to create your own melodies with soulful timbres from scratch. With such a diverse range of sounds and samples, it is a must-have pack when creating rainy day beats.

Enrich Your Library with this Collection of Lofi Sample Packs

Lo-fi music isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and any lo-fi producer understands the benefits of having a quality lofi sample pack.

To take your lofi sample pack collection up a notch and start creating lofi hip-hop that stands up to the quality of the artists to listen to, get your hands on some of the lofi samples above.

Bring your songs to life with professional quality mastering, in seconds!