5 Best Rap Acapellas for Rap Enthusiasts

5 Best Rap Acapellas for Rap Enthusiasts 5 Best Rap Acapellas for Rap Enthusiasts

Beats sounding a bit empty?

Maybe you're lacking that final, necessary component.

We're talking rap vocals !

Of course, whether you're just getting your feet wet in the world of production or you have a lack of decent local rappers around you to collab with, getting solid rap vocals on your tracks may prove a bit more difficult than it sounds.

One alternative approach is to craft a beat around the rap acapella of well- or lesser-known rap artists. Not only can using rap acapella help elevate your beats, but they can also serve as a great way to practice your arrangement and beat-making techniques.

Nonetheless, if you're gearing up to release a track with a rap vocal sample and you're worried about copyright infringement or potential takedowns, you might consider looking to royalty-free vocal samples instead.

Come dive in with us as we explore some of the best rap acapella and vocal sample packs on the market, all of which are ready for commercial use.

1. Modern Trap Vocals & Rap Acapellas

This pack showcases a diverse range of vocal samples and elements influenced by UK drill. Thanks to the dynamic contributions of MC Jamell René from South London, we now have access to vocal samples from a truly original artist.

In this royalty-free pack, you'll find RnB-infused melodic vocal loops, chopped and slowed phonk phrases, and one-shots.

This collection of royalty-free acapellas was meticulously recorded and mixed at Komorebi Audio's London studio, offering a rich selection of 95 vocal loops. From potent UK bars and creatively chopped phrases to melodic vocal runs and pop-style singing, you'll get everything you need to inject some soul into your tracks

Additionally, you'll find 89 vocal one-shots, including FX-enhanced ad libs, glitched phrases, and melodic vocal phrases enriched with reverb.

Each recording in this collection of samples was thoughtfully categorized into three distinct styles: dry vocals (delivering minimal processing without any effects), wet vocals (which use classic vocal effects like reverb and delay), and glitch vocals (which have been heavily modulated and retriggered in a number of creative ways.)

2. Modern Trap Vocals & Rap Acapellas Vol 2

With such a successful first vocal sample pack, it only made sense that the team at Komorebi Audio geared up to make a sequel. Now, we have " Modern Trap Vocals & Rap Acapellas Vol 2, " which traverses familiar terrain to the first pack, yet offers a distinctly elevated quality.

Within this sample pack, you'll find 200 top-tier rap one-shots and trap vocal loops, all of which draw inspiration from modern trap, grime, and UK drill. Each vocal was skillfully delivered by South London MC, Jamell René, at Pirate Studios in Notting Hill, West London.

The vocals are rugged and resonant, thanks to the skillful capture on an SM7B broadcast-style microphone running through a Neve Preamp plugin and a classic UAD LA-2A emulation.

There are three distinct categories in this pack, including dry, wet, and glitch vocal samples.

If you're in search of top-notch, genuine trap vocals and rap acapellas, look no further than this sample pack.

3. UK Drill

While UK Drill may have taken inspiration from the Chicago drill rap scene, it has formed somewhat of a unique identity over the years. Many Billboard artists, including Travis Scott and Drake, have tapped into the recognizable UK drill sound, blending together complex 808 patterns with simple melodies.

While you'll find plenty of unique instrumental samples in this collection, from gritty 808s to warped piano melodies, the rap acapella samples are what really drew us in.

4. Battle Rap Vocals by Kamy & Basement Freaks

This royalty-free pack is a formidable force, drawing from the depths of the illustrious era of Hip Hop and Rap.

The project is a collaboration between MC Kamy and Basement Freaks, and inside, you'll find a collection of sounds and acapellas tailored for both DJs and producers. Turntablists will uncover an array of possibilities, thanks to the fact that this pack is lined with top-tier samples for slicing, dicing, scratching, and reshaping.

For producers, however, you get all of the impact and intensity you could ever want, whether you're looking for rapping loops or one-shot words and phrases.

If you remember the seismic waves created by Westside Connection and NWA in the 80s and 90s, then everything in this sample pack will feel very familiar to you.

And with this hip-hop vintage battle sample pack, you'll be able to make a similar impact, carrying the torch for the true essence of hip-hop.

5. TARiiiQ's Lyrically Conscious Hip Hop Vocal Pack

With an unwavering passion and depth of emotion in each verse, TARiiiQ has lyrics that draw from the more profound realms of expression.

Originating from Edmonton, Canada, TARiiiQ has been making big waves across the digital landscape, thanks to his distinct fusion of contemporary production and old-school rapping style. His unique flow is characterized by jazzy aesthetics, fierce lyricism, and a laid-back attitude.

Beyond the clichéd "put your hands up" samples, TARiiiQ delivers conscious messages in his rapping that resonate both on a personal and societal level. Every word is conveyed through his sharp, contemporary delivery, all while paying homage to the roots of the hip-hop genre.

In this sample pack, you'll find a 1.5 GB treasure trove of verses, hooks, lyrics, and one-shots, all of which are ready to be woven together into a complete song.

Best Websites for Acapellas

The internet is teeming with samples and acapellas, begging for producers to make use of them. Of course, with so many different platforms to download from, wading through the muck to find truly exceptional vocal tracks can be daunting.

To give you a good jumping-off point, here's a small list of sample platforms to check out:

  • Acapellas 4U: This site is one of the oldest active acapella sites today, boasting an extensive collection of vocals extracted from Top 40 hits and other popular tracks. Although its forum-style layout may not be the most user-friendly, it's still a go-to source for unofficial acapellas. It's important to note, however, that these acapellas are not officially sanctioned by the artists, meaning you can't release or profit from any work that uses them. Nevertheless, for educational and non-commercial purposes, Acapellas 4U is a killer resource.
  • Beatport: This renowned online music megastore has a noteworthy assortment of studio-quality acapellas, which are often considered "officially released" by the respective artists, expressly for remixing, production, and mashups. Many of these acapellas come in full song form or as convenient loops and one-shots, giving producers the flexibility to get creative. Unlike what you might find on Acapellas 4U, these purchased samples typically come with royalty-free usage rights, extending to commercial use.

Final Thoughts

The internet is alive with samples and sounds, and in the same way you might continue exploring new music on Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music, we recommend keeping an eye on these platforms to find newly uploaded rap acapella samples to help your beats stay fresh.

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