8 Best Free Serum Skins for 2024

8 Best Free Serum Skins for 2024 8 Best Free Serum Skins for 2024

As a producer, there is nothing worse than working in a bland studio environment.

When I began building my home studio, I aimed to fill it with things that would inspire me, including cool lighting, a sleek desk setup, and vibey artwork.

One day, I realized that it wasn't only the physical space around me that could be inspiring but also the software on my computer that I spent most of my time looking at. I'm not going to lie.

One of the priorities I have when it comes to software, plugins, and VSTs is how good they look.

In the same way that my surrounding environment inspires me to create, a great-looking piece of software can inspire me.

Even as an avid Serum user, it wasn't too long ago that I found out how easy it was to customize the skin of my Serum software to better match my taste and aesthetic. Now, I constantly recommend to my producer friends who are Serum users to look for new skins, so they can elevate their production setups. 

In this guide, I will provide all of the Serum skin knowledge I've gathered and excellent resources to find the best Serum skins.

How To Install a Serum Skin

Before we dive in and check out the best free Serum skins available on the market, let's first explore how you install a skin.

Step 1:  Find a Serum skin that you like and download the zip file that contains it. Once the zip file is on your computer, extract it.

Step 2:  Open the drop-down menu in your Serum plugin and click “Show Serum Presets Folder.”

Step 3:  Once the folder of Serum presets opens on your computer’s desktop, navigate to the folder that says “Skins.”

Step 4:  Take the unzipped folder of the new Serum skin that you downloaded and place it within the Skins folder.

Step 5:  Open up the drop-down menu on Serum again and select “Rescan folders on disk.”

Step   6:  Serum will scan your computer for any new elements, and your skins should pop up in the menu.

Now, all you have to do is hop into your Serum presets feature and change up the look of your synth with a shiny, new, custom skin.

The Best Free Serum Skins

1. Rick and Morty Serum Skin

Rick and Morty Serum Skin

Who doesn't love Rick and Morty?

Thanks to  Kickback Couture , we have a high-quality Rick and Morty skin.

This dynamic duo seems to be just about everywhere these days, so why not check out your version of Serum with a skin of this iconic cartoon?

2. Pixel Terror Serum Skin

Pixel Terror Serum Skin

This  unique Serum skin  was inspired by the icon EDM group Pixel Terror. On the face of this skin, you'll find a few anime-style cartoons of the Pixel Terror duo.

Any major fans of Pixel Terror and EDM will love the skin for paying homage to the genre. 

3. Kompany Serum Skin

Kompany Serum Skin

Kompany  is one of my absolute favorite EDM producers in the game right now, and this industrial-style skin represents the style and sound of the music perfectly. I love the sleek, black look, as it makes the interface feel clean and easy to navigate.

Plus, when you're getting in the mood to create some dark, fast-paced techno, it provides that extra bit of inspiration. 

4. Worlds Serum Skin

Worlds Serum Skin

Ask any major EDM fan out there about Porter Robinson, and the first thing that will likely come to mind is his classic album,  Worlds . The Worlds Serum skin was made by a big fan, turning the album art into a crazy and colorful piece of digital artwork for you to work with. 

Make sure to  head over to Reddit  to give thanks to the creator of this awesome skin.

5. Kill the Noise Serum Skin

Kill the Noise Serum Skin

Kill the Noise is another EDM favorite. As a big-time user of Serum, Kill the Noise has put out some of the most hard-hitting EDM tracks in the past decade. It's no wonder that a big fan of his put together a  Serum skin  that reflects the sound and feel of his music.

I really enjoy the sleek, metallic characteristic that this Serum skin has. In addition, the small touches of pink give it a neon feel that helps it stand out beautifully on the screen.

6. Massive Serum Skin

Massive Serum Skin

Since it was first introduced over a decade ago, Massive has made a name for itself as one of the most popular software synths for EDM producers. Though Native Instruments has since updated the interface of Massive with the release of Massive X, the look of the classic interface still stands strong in the hearts and minds of EDM producers.

If you're a big fan of Massive, make sure to check out this cool Massive Skin from DeviantArt.

7. Tascione Serum Skin

Tascione Serum Skin

If you are looking for a Serum skin that is a bit more wild, wacky, and colorful, I highly recommend checking out the  Tascione-inspired Serum skin . With bright pops of red and purple overlaid nicely with a dark tinge, it is a truly stand-out custom skin option for your Serum plugin.

8. Ableton Live Serum Skin

Ableton Live Serum Skin

I've always been a big fan of Ableton's light grey aesthetic. There is just something about Ableton's utilitarian look which has made it such a classic DAW. If you're a big fan of Ableton or use Serum within Ableton often and want the plugin to match the DAW’s aesthetics, I highly recommend checking out this unique  Serum skin .

Install Some Custom Xfer Serum Skins and Get Inspired!

There you have it, a list of the best free Serum skins out there. Of course, our list of Serum skins is totally subjective, and there are plenty of other custom Serum skins out there. However, I hope you can add this ultimate list of free Serum skins to your custom Serum skins folder and try them out to see if any inspire you.

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