200+ Song Prompts: Quick Ideas to Help you Take Off

200+ Song Prompts: Quick Ideas to Help you Take Off 200+ Song Prompts: Quick Ideas to Help you Take Off

Learning how to write songs , even for the most experienced songwriters, can be difficult at times. After all, you can only write songs about specific situations so many times, and staying inspired can be challenging enough on its own.

Thankfully, we've compiled some of the best song ideas to help you stay inspired while writing songs. This way, you can let your song idea flow freely and focus on other aspects like developing a strong chord progression or helping the lyrics flow from chord to verse .

Below, we'll share over 200 of the best song ideas so that you can start writing your own lyrics immediately. Let's jump into it!

How To Use Song Idea Prompts

So, how do you use these song ideas in the first place? For many songwriters, these song ideas can help them break past writer's block. You'll find that some of the best ideas can inspire a full song title, an entire story, or multiple songs just by evoking a certain emotion.

Whether you're feeling unsure about what you should write about or just don't have a strong song idea to begin with, a songwriting cue can give you the activation energy you need to start writing.

The most important thing is that song prompts make it easier for you to get out of your own way. Songwriting inspiration can strike anywhere, and if these prompts prove anything, it's that you already have a great idea inside of you -- you just need to have the courage to write it out.

200+ Song Ideas

Without further ado, here are some of the best song ideas to use as inspiration for writing music. Each songwriting prompt can be customized and catered to your specific situation -- remember that these are just intended for general inspiration.

1. People watching

There are so many songs about people watching or simply being an observer for good reason. The next time you find yourself sitting at a park bench, bring a pen and paper so that you cam tirm upir great ideas into new songs.

2. Your favorite food

Food is one of the unexplored areas by most songwriters and it may just inspire something great from you. You could also take a food and weave it into a narrative, as songwriter Jack Johnson did with the classic "Banana Pancakes":

3. Gaining wealth

Showcase your struggle! What difficulties have you faced as an artist? How will that change for you over the years? Imagine a future where money is not an issue and put pen to paper.

4. Your backstory

Everyone has a unique story to tell. Start singing your backstory as an introduction to future listeners. What should your fans know that makes you unique as an artist?

5. Falling in love

This is a tried and true method used by just about all songwriters and it's no surprise why -- falling love is an intense, vivid experience. The next time you feel yourself falling in love, write in your journal or notes app so that you can capture the experience in a song later.

6. Your dog

Who wouldn't want to pay homage to a man's best friend? You can create lyrics that serve as an ode to your furry friend, or turn this prompt into a love song about "puppy love". Sometimes, the best models of love come from our pets.

7. First date

Write a song about the first date with your significant other. Or, if you haven't been as lucky in love, write about the worst first date you've ever had. Either will make interesting love songs.

8. Your sibling

No one knows you like your sibling. Practice lyric writing by crafting a song surrounding your relationship with your brother or sister.

9. Confidence anthem

There are plenty of famous singers and other songwriters who have built their entire careers off of writing songs that radiate confidence. Join the club and write the next hit that will get just about any listener pumped up.

10. A breakup

We naturally have plenty to say following a breakup. Instead of regrettably texting your ex, turn your ideas into song lyrics instead! Art is one of the best ways to process feeling sad or feeling stuck in a challenging situation.

11. Religion

Are you religious or spiritual? Write about how your perspective has influenced how you approach the world. You don't need to make traditional spiritual music either, just look at Kanye's music which is frequently full of religious references that stemmed from his experiences.

12. Isolation

Everyone feels isolated at some point in their life. Take your experience of feeling isolated internally or externally and turn it into a song. The ironic part is that isolation songs often connect you to others.

13. An anniversary

Sustaining love is something worth celebrating. Write about a romantic anniversary or an anniversary of a meaningful event in your life.

14. A toxic relationship

Unfortunately, many of us fall into toxic or unbalanced relationships. The best part of these relationships is undoubtedly getting out of them and using them as inspiration to writing a song.

15. Your celebrity crush

Whether you're more into Taylor Swift or Harry Styles, there are plenty of celebrities to crush over. Let your feelings write themselves and convert your adoration into a new song.

16. Acceptance

Some situations in life can only be handled with acceptance. Write songs covering your journey to your journey of acceptance and the progress that comes as a result of it.

17. A one night stand

Write a song about your latest one nightstand. Who knows? This moment in your personal history could be the reason you're heard by new fans.

18. Revenge

We all have evil ways. Write a song about how you would like to get revenge over a certain situation. Songwriting might be exactly what you need to get those words out of your system.

19. Your dreams

Document your dreams in a song or two. At the very least, your music will serve as a time capsule that showcases your headspace is at different points in time.

20. Your relationship with your parents

Whether you had an amazing relationship or a challenging one with your parents, write a song about it.

21. When someone you like chooses someone else

This is one of the most painful human experiences, that unfortunately, happens all too often. Share your story of heartbreak by writing a ballad about the experience.

22. Partying

Have you recently had a night that felt like it would last forever? Capture your night out by writing a song.

23. Politics

Write a song about your nation's state of politics and how you feel about it. Politically charged song titles and lyrics are bound to strike emotions in listeners.

24. A dance move

You know the "Cupid Shuffle" and the "Harlem Shake", what's next? Create a dance move and write a song about it.

25. Your future soulmate

Meeting the love of your life can understandably take some time. Write a song about everything you want your future soulmate to know about loving you.

26. Lust

Not every romantic encounter leads to love... Let your feelings write this one.

27. Self-loathing

It's normal to go through ups and downs throughout your journey. Sometimes, writing a song about your struggles can make it easier for you to work through it.

28. Commentary on society

Is there anything about the society that you wish could change? What commonly accepted situations do you find odd? Use your commentary on society to write a song.

29. The ocean

The beauty of the ocean has been the muse of endless songwriters. Write a song about the ocean or other nature that's inspired you.

30. The city

If you're lucky enough to live in a city, you know that there is endless inspiration all around you. Write about hopping on the metro, the energy of the city, or even a love letter to the location itself.

31. A letter you never sent

We all have things we wish we never said and things that we wish we had the courage to say. Write a song in the form of a letter addressed to someone or something you have unfinished business with.

32. Diss track

The history of diss tracks goes back to the creation of music itself. Write a cheeky diss track to one of your current rivals or someone you hope to face in the near future.

33. Regret

Everyone carries some form of regret and that's okay. Take your pain and write a song with it.

34. Friendship breakup

We too often write about romantic breakups without considering the effects a friendship breakup can have on two people. Write a song about two friends who took different paths.

35. Teenage angst

From fifth grade to graduation, there are plenty of opportunities to cultivate teen angst. Take some of your experiences from this pivotal period for writing fodder.

36. Unconditional love

Unconditional love means loving someone or something even when it isn't easy, despite the circumstances. Write songs about receiving unconditional love or providing it for someone else.

37. Small talk

Small talk can make a great song title and topic since it's something everyone can relate to. Write about all the things you talk about with a person when you're just getting to know them.

38. Dating apps

Dating apps have become the standard for romance. Write a song about how you feel about this transition and what it's like to use one of these platforms.

39. Use an idiom

If you find yourself stuck, use a common idiom to help you build a track. Just listen to "Let's go crazy" by Prince:

40. Mental illness

A great way to destigmatize mental illness is to write a song about your experience with it. Even if you aren't directly affected by it, you can write about supporting someone on their journey to mental wellness.

41. Introvert vs. extroverts

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Perhaps you're an ambivert. Write about your unique perspective and perception of the world.

42. A TV show

TV shows can inspire hit songs, and it's easy to become a favorite TV shows' cast of characters. The next time you sit down to watch your program, be on the lookout for song ideas.

43. Being abandoned

Songwriting can get us through some of the most difficult experiences. Write about a time when you felt abandoned and how that made you feel.

44. Nervousness

What makes you nervous? In as many words as possible, describe your experience with nervousness and turn that into a full song.

45. Mourn a loss

Songwriting is a great time to reflect on your experiences, for better or worse. Write a song surrounding the loss of a feeling, idea, or person.

46. Feeling carefree

Sometimes, we just need a song to make us DANCE! Craft a groovy chord progression and write a song about feeling completely unbothered.

47. Maintaining balance

How do you achieve balance in your life? Are you still figuring that out? Write about your experience with finding balance.

48. Your bucket list

What do you want to do before you leave this world? Create a musical bucket list with all the lyrics detailing your innermost aspirations.

49. Having a bad day

Everyone has ups and downs. Take a bad day and write a song about it. Who knows, it might land you a major hit like Daniel Porter:

50. Your biggest weakness

Get vulnerable in your next song by sharing your greatest weakness. Great songwriting ideas can stem from our strongest insecurities.

51. Holding a grudge

Even the best of us hold grudges from time to time. Write lyrics about your experience holding a grudge against a person, a way of life, or a transition in your life.

52. Being worried

There are plenty of things to be worried about in the 21st century. Write a song acknowledging your worries for the future.

53. Education

Who said learning can't be fun? Write a song that can help teach others about a subject you know a lot about.

54. Love languages

"Love languages" is one of many great song titles. Write about your communication style throughout romantic relationships.

55. A letter to your future self

Write a song to your future self. Talk about your hopes for the future and who you hope to become in the lyrics.

56. Vacation

We all need a break from time to time. Write about a vacation you've been on or one you hope to experience in the near future.

57. Taking a test

Have you ever struggled while taking a test? Turn your experience into a song or talk about someone testing your love, feelings, or intentions.

58. The environment

Write songs about the current state of the environment. This could be lyrics about what you hope will improve or what you love about the world around you.

59. Parasites

Parasites are an extremely intriguing song topic on their own. You could write about a literal parasite, or use it as a metaphor for an unbalanced relationship.

60. Fixing something that's too broken

Have you ever stayed in a relationship when it was clear that it was over? Turn this idea into a fully-fledged song about your experience.

61. Your children

Being a parent is such a unique experience. Try writing about your experience having children, becoming a parent, or even writing an open letter to your future kids.

62. Guilt

Remember that time you broke your mother's favorite vase and didn't tell her? Take your guilt and turn it into a confessional lyrical hook.

63. Shame

Shame is another extremely powerful emotion. Incorporate any strong feelings of shame or embarrassment into your songwriting arsenal.

64. Being sick

Recovering sickness leaves many of us with painful days and way too much time on our hands. The next time you find yourself limited to bed rest, why not start brainstorming your next song?

65. Haters

We all have haters, even if it's on a small scale. Use hate as fuel to create your next inspirational creation.

66. Your mentor

Is there someone in your life that's made a positive impact on where you are today? Write a song expressing gratitude for your mentor.

67. A guilty pleasure

Is there something that you love in secret? Use your guilty pleasure to write a song about why you love it and what makes this forbidden find so alluring.

68. Insomnia

Unfortunately, many of us have trouble falling asleep. The next time you're experiencing insomnia, use your inconvenient energy to write a song.

69. A relationship that never happened

There are lots of relationships that never quite made the cut. Many of us can name "the one that got away". Use your melancholic feelings to craft a nostalgic love song.

70. Going to space

Many of us dream of leaving the Earth to experience the rest of the universe. Craft a song about how it would feel to explore outer space.

71. Being ignored

One of the most infuriating experiences is being ignored by someone you care about. Write a song about what it feels like to be out of someone's spotlight.

72. Your favorite quote

Do you have a favorite quote? Craft a storyline around it and write a song about it. You can even incorporate the quote into the lyrics of the song.

73. Crying in the club

Moving on from someone you love can be challenging. Write a song about a time when it was clear that you weren't over someone even though you wish you were.

74. Current trends

Pop culture is perfect for providing endless song inspiration. Write a song about the latest trends.

75. A superpower

Do you ever wish you had superpowers? Which ones? Write a song about what it would be like to be a superhero or have supernatural powers.

76. What it would be like to fly

If you could fly, what would you do? Where would you go? You can write a song purely off of this dreamy concept.

77. Infertility

Infertility is one of the most difficult experiences a human can face. You can write a song to help process your emotions or reflect on a friend's story of pregnancy.

78. Rewrite a nursery rhyme

Take a common old song or nursery rhyme and put your own flavor on it. The dichotomy between an innocent song and your rewrite of the topic can make for powerful music:

79. Fame

Fame undoubtedly fascinates us as a culture. Whether you want to avoid it or find fame, write a song about it.

80. Salvation

Have you been forgiven or given a second chance by someone you care about? Write about your story of salvation.

81. Being a workaholic

Some of us become so entrenched in work that it's hard to make room for anything else. If your day job has turned you into a raging workaholic, write a song about your experience and how you want to break the cycle.

82. The suburbs

The best songwriters can find beauty in the mundane. If you live in the suburbs or a fairly monotonous town, write lyrics detailing what it's like to be there.

83. Single and not ready to mingle

Sometimes you don't want to write a love song, because you don't want to fall in love. Write a song about being happily single.

84. Virtual reality

In the age of the metaverse, virtual reality is more relevant than ever. Craft songs about the separation or merging or digital and real life.

85. Holding someone's attention

Attention is a currency. Write a song about captivating someone's attention, or at the very least, trying to.

86. Obsession

We all have our own secret obsessions. Fortunately, that can make excellent writing inspiration.

87. Relocation

Moving to a new area can signify a whole new chapter of life. Write a song about migrating from one area to another.

88. Rebounding from a past love

Recovering from a breakup isn't always linear. Talk about your experience recovering from heartbreak in your next song.

89. Your favorite scene

Is there a movie or TV scene that brought you to tears or stays firmly implanted in your memory? Craft songs surrounding the theme of the scene.

90. Cyberbullying

It's all too easy to experience cyberbullying in today's day and age. Write about your experience with hate online.

91. Being bad at goodbyes

Saying goodbye isn't always easy. Thankfully, writing sad songs about the experience is one of the best ways to process challenging feelings.

92. Selfishness

Is there a time when you felt like you needed to be selfish? Do you know someone who is nothing but selfish? Document your experiences through your lyrics.

93. Your hometown

There is something special about where you came from. Use your hometown as an inspiration for your next set of lyrics.

94. Being a fly on the wall

Have you ever been a silent observer of an intense situation? Write a song about being a fly on the wall.

95. Losing yourself

Sometimes we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves. Some of the best song ideas stem from our journey to self-discovery.

96. Being watched

Does it ever feel like someone has their eyes on you? Write a song about the eerie feeling of being watched.

97. Love at first sight

Sometimes, a movie moment happens in real life. Write a song about finding love at first sight.

98. Forbidden love

Love doesn't always come easy. Write a love song about trying to start a relationship when the love is forbidden or difficult to nuture.

99. Finding closure

We all dream of finding closure through our past relationships. Even if you never found it, write a song of what closure would look like to you.

100. Running a business

Do you have a dream to run a business? Or perhaps you already do! Regardless, take your unique perspective and turn it into a song.

101. Influencers

We are currently in the age of influencers. Write about how you feel about this new profession or your experience as one if you are one.

102. Comparison to others

It's hard to avoid the allure of comparison. Craft a song about how you compare yourself to others for better or worse.

103. A hidden talent

Do you have a talent or skill that not everyone knows about? Write a song surrounding your special skill.

104. Medical challenges

Do you have a unique perspective as someone who faces constant medical challenges? Use songs to share your experiences.

105. Sleep

There's something mysterious about sleep and the act of dreaming. Use your dreams as ideas for future songs.

106. Reconnecting with an old flame

Write a song about how it would feel to reconnect with someone you once dated. Even if you don't intend to act on it, writing the words might be the fix you need to process your past.

107. Something misleading

Have you ever experienced something only to find that it wasn't what you were expecting? Write a song about a misleading experience and what you learned from it.

108. Poverty

We all come from somewhere. If you had to work hard to get to where you are today, encapsulate your journey in a song.

109. Getting drunk

When was the last time you got hammered? Put your sloppy night to the tune of a catchy chord progression.

110. A night out

Any night on the town can make excellent inspiration. One song might revel in the glory of a fun evening, while other songs might lament about one too many nights on the town:

111. War

War has inspired songs for centuries. Create your own melody and commentary surrounding a current war and your ideas around it.

112. Visiting the underworld

Imagine what it would be like to visit hell or the underworld. Why would you go there? What would you see? Write a song about what you think your experience would be like.

113. Capitalism

There are many different structures of power, but one of the most common ones in the Western world is capitalism. Write a song about your position within this structure and how you feel about it.

114. Your daily routine

Distinguish your music from someone else's song by writing about something that's personal to you. Even mundane things like your daily routine can make excellent lyrical inspiration.

115. Taxes

If you're seeking a one-word title that will strike chords in many different people, look no further than "taxes". Write about your feelings about taxes or what purpose they serve in society as a whole.

116. Expectations vs. reality

We all have expectations that don't necessarily match up with reality. Write songs about experiencing something that didn't exactly align with your vision of it.

117. Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the most powerful emotions, which is why it inspires so many songs. The next time you feel jealous, turn it into an opportunity to write a new song.

118. Being the villain

We all have villain energy deep down inside of us. Even if you don't outwardly express your dark side, write a song about what it would feel like to be a villain.

119. Aging

Growing older can be a beautiful and equally challenging process to come to terms with. Write a song sharing your experience or some lessons that you've learned over the years.

120. Cheering up your friend

We all need someone to lean on from time to time. Write a song to cheer up a friend who is going through a sad or difficult time.

121. Your cravings

Is there anything that you've been craving but can't get your hands on? Write about your desires and what you would do to get a taste of your craving.

122. Feeling lost

It's normal to feel lost at different times in your life. Listen to your inner voice during these periods and transform your sorrow into a new melody for your next song.

123. Dissatisfaction

Has anything been bothering you lately? Or left you feeling sad? Write a song about your feelings of dissatisfaction and what you wish would happen in the future.

124. Being in a cult

The word "cult" instantly inspires sounds, words, and images. Craft a melody and lyrics around what it would be like to join a cult or escape one.

125. Your supporters

Your fans want to hear how they have helped you become a better musician. Use your words to pay homage to your fans and supporters.

126. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence can mean lots of different things to different people. Craft a song about what that looks like to you.

127. Write about writing

When in doubt, go meta! Write about the struggle of writing and who knows, you might just end up with a complete track.

128. An existential crisis

Our lives are full of crossroads that may lead us to rethink our entire existence. Catalog these experiences in your music.

129. Teach something

Is there something you feel needs to be said? Give the public a musical lecture through the words in your latest track.

130. The hustle

Artists have to hustle to make their lives work. Write about your experience coming up in the music industry:

131. Winning the lottery

Who wouldn't want to win the lottery? Tell your listeners what you would do with the money if you ever became so lucky.

132. Betrayal

We all have been affected by betrayal in one way or another. Share your experience or someone else's song perspective by narrating a track through their shoes.

133. Beauty standards

Beauty standards can be challenging to navigate for both men and women. Share what your experience has been like and how these standards affect your perspective.

134. A current struggle

Is there something challenging that you're currently dealing with? Why not share your struggles in song?

135. Your wellness routine

What do you do to make yourself feel good? How do you treat yourself? Send a message of self-care on your next track.

136. Holidays

Some people love the holidays, others find them particularly depressing. Whatever camp you're in, capture your experience via song.

137. The power of music

You know the power of music better than anyone else. Share what you love the most about making music, writing it, and sharing it with others.

138. Speaking to your past self

Is there something you wish you could say to your past self? Use a song to write a letter to a younger you.

139. Nothing

Sometimes, songs don't have to be about anything, in particular, to be good. Craft a song using nonsense words, syllables, or sentences that just don't make sense.

140. Lost love

Do you have someone that was so close to love, but didn't quite make it there? Perhaps you're missing an old flame. Write about the heartbreaking experience of lost love.

141. Gratitude

One of the most wholesome songwriting ideas is to find a way to express gratitude. Say thanks to all those who have loved and supported you.

142. Road trip

Make the perfect road trip song for cruising down the highway! Sing about where you're going to and who you hope to become.

143. Victory

It's just as important to celebrate your victories as it is to look back on past failures. Look back on how far you've come.

144. Saving yourself

Some people don't need a hero -- they are their own hero! Write about a time when you were the only one there for yourself.

145. Your trauma

If you're willing to be vulnerable, writing about your trauma can help you work through the pain. Even if you don't release it, it can still be a cathartic process.

146. Having faith

What do you believe in? How do you maintain that faith? Discuss your beliefs and why they make you who you are today.

147. Self-sabotage

Anyone can become trapped in a pattern of self-sabotage. Talk about your experience and share what helped you break away from this cycle.

148. Throwing away your phone

What would the world today be like without phones? Write a piece from the perspective of someone who has never used this modern technology.

149. Paying rent

We all have bills, but rent is arguably one of the most difficult to pay. Talk about paying rent and relate it back to your future hopes and dreams.

150. Hollywood

Instead of writing a song to a person, write your lyrics to a place. This can a sad song, love song, or humorous-- as long as it's authentic.

151. An addiction

Addiction can affect just about anyone. Whether you're addicted to love or something more nefarious, share your experience in song.

152. Eye for an Eye

Many people know that it's often the most productive to offer forgiveness... but that doesn't always happen. Tell a story in your song about wanting to seek vengeance.

153. A life-long love

We all dream of finding a lifelong lover. If you haven't found that special person yet, write. a song to them to enjoy in the future.

154. Copycat

Have you ever met someone who copied just about everything you did? Talk about your experience with copycats.

155. Being a hero

Have you stepped up to a call of duty? Do you hope to someday? Share your desires for being heroic in a song.

156. A book character

Book characters can come to life in a song. If you don't have any lyric-worthy ideas of your own, write about one of your favorite character's experiences.

157. Making progress

How has your progress over the past year? Share your journey of growth and where you hope to go next.

158. Something you shouldn't have said

We all have things we've said that we wish we could take back. Share what you wish you could've said at that moment.

159. Cheating

Have you ever been cheated on by someone you love? Perhaps you were the cheater. Spill the beans on your next track.

160. Money problems

We all run into money problems at one point or another. Luckily, plenty of people can relate to this experience, so it's great material for a track.

161. Playing a sport

Do you love to play sports? Where do you find your athlete's "high"? Write about the thrills of participating in your next song.

162. A job interview

Believe it or not, a job interview can serve as excellent lyric inspiration. You could even structure your song as though you're interviewing the listener.

163. A terrible date

Everyone has at least one terrible date experience unless you're very lucky. Turn the bad date into a relatable song.

164. Nostalgia

What do you have nostalgia for? Whether it's 90s cartoons or the disco of the 70s, express your desires for the past in a song.

165. Fashion

Different art forms can undoubtedly influence each other. You can write songs about fashion or any other visual art form.

166. False promises

Has anyone you know ever gone back on one of their promises? Have you gone back on your word? Write about your experience of betrayal.

167. A cause you care about

At the end of the day, your lyrics are your voice. If there is a cause that's near and dear to your heart, feel free to incorporate it into your music.

168. Driving

You probably have a couple of songs that you love driving to. Write a song that's perfect for moments on the road or talk about a trip through your lyrics.

169. Domestic Life

Find beauty in the mundane. Write a song about loving the monotony of domestic life.

170. Having a doppelgänger

Have you ever met someone that looks just like you? How did that make you feel? Document your experiences in song.

171. Love triangle

Everybody loves a good love triangle. Even if you're not in one, you can write about this contentious subject.

172. Being a robot

What if you were a robot? What would the advantages be? What would be the disadvantages? Talk about your experience as a cyber machine.

173. Getting in trouble

We all get in trouble from time to time. Transform a difficult experience into a positive one by using your darkest moment as inspiration for your song.

174. Pet peeve

What's your biggest pet peeve? Do you know anyone who does that action? Write a diss track towards the cause of your pet peeve.

175. Use an accent

What better way to step into the shoes of someone else than to use an accent that isn't native to you? Look up singers who utilize accents in their music, like Kate Nash.

176. Paparazzi

Are you counting down the days until you're followed around by the paparazzi? Speak as the subject or the cameraman.

177. Infestation

The word "infestation" on its own conjures up plenty of feelings. Write a song about a literal infestation or use it as a metaphor. You can even lookup videos on YouTube for inspiration if you dare.

178. A near-death encounter

Hopefully, you haven't had a near-death experience, but if you have, it was probably very powerful. Describe your near-death experience through word and melody choices.

179. Gender roles

There's no doubt that society imposes certain roles for each gender. Talk about your experience and how you feel about your gender expression.

180. Fun

You can tell when someone else's song is about plain fun. Make a song that makes everyone want to get up and groove.

181. Prom

Prom night has long inspired tunes from teens. You can write a song about how magical overrated you make the night out to be.

182. Age gap relationships

There are plenty of people who are attracted to relationships that may seem odd to the outside observer. Write about what it's like to be in a relationship with a significant age gap.

183. Dancing

Who doesn't love a song about getting out on the floor? Create a song that's an ode to getting out on the floor.

184. Fantasy

Do you have any secret fantasies? Do you wonder what it would be like to be part of the supernatural? Craft song ideas surrounding your wildest dreams.

185. Being a cowboy

Cowboys have a unique allure to them. After all, who wouldn't want to ride around in fancy boots on horses? Write a song about what it would be like to experience this lifestyle.

186. Crime

If you could commit a crime what would it be? Write about your crime fantasy from start to finish.

187. Drugs

You could write about literal drugs, or use it as a metaphor for just about anything. Love, fame, success, or anything that's addicting can be written using "drugs" as a metaphor.

188. A movie

Movie characters, plots, and themes can all make amazing song ideas. Put yourself in the shoes of a famous person and write from a different character's perspective.

189. Getting engaged

Write words for the love of your life! Getting engaged is such an emotional experience, so you're bound to have plenty to say about it.

190. A meme

Incorporating a random page of meme history into your songs is a great way to get listeners interested. You can even sample the meme so long as it isn't copyrighted.

191. Building a beat

If you're more a producer than anything else, talk about the process of beat building. You can even incorporate items into the instrumental as you talk about them.

192. Your last name

Your last name carries your history and potential future. Highlight what that history embodies for you in a song.

193. Rethinking your life choices

Is there something you recently had an epiphany about? Describe your experience rethinking certain life choices.

194. Something with double meaning

Find words that have a double meaning depending on their context. You can create a two-word hook that showcases a short phrase or punch line of the two meanings.

195. A night at a party

Parties can be fun for some, and excruciating for others. Share some of your perspectives in your next song.

196. Being left on read

Have you ever been texting back and forth with a potential match only to be left on read? Let your inner lead singer take control of the narrative and write a song about it.

197. Rejection

Rejection is undoubtedly a painful experience, but it can also be an inspiring one. Use your words to process a time when you were turned down.

198. Chores

What is something that feels like a chore to you? Write about an emotional chore, or just talk about literal chores.

199. Forgiveness

Who deserves forgiveness? Is there someone you want to forgive? Write a song to them and tell the story of your relationship in the lyrics.

200. Violence

Violence can certainly spark some emotions. Write about a time you witnessed violence or even thought about engaging in it.

201. Use a metaphor

When in doubt, use a lyrical device like a metaphor to jumpstart your song. You can even lookup common metaphors to serve as inspiration for your song title or lyrics.

202. Social media

Social media can inspire many feelings for different people. Create a song about your experience with social media and how you feel about the concept itself.

203. Running from authority

Channel your inner rebel. Write a song about a time when you went against the grain or decided to challenge authority.

204. Intimate encounter

Have you ever had a relationship that was purely physical? Write about your intimate encounter in a song.

205. Your goals

Where do you wish to be in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? Document your goals in a song to hold yourself accountable.

206. Ghosting

Unfortunately, being ghosted is all too common these days. You could write about what it’s like to be ghosted or use a metaphor of a ghost in place of a past lover.

207. Your imperfections

We all have parts of ourselves that we wish would improve or change. Take your perceived imperfections and write lyrics about them.

Even great songwriters can struggle with feeling stuck in the creative process. Thankfully, using one or more song ideas can be exactly what you need to break out of writer's block. Enjoy using these lyric ideas to jumpstart your creative process.

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