How to Find Free Audio Samples

How to Find Free Audio Samples How to Find Free Audio Samples

Need audio samples but strapped for cash? Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. From EDM melodies to overhead drum kits, this is your one-stop-shop for completely FREE audio samples!


Free to Use Sounds

Free To Use Sounds travel full-time, capturing sounds from around the world and providing them to us for free!


Zapsplat is a great site full of royalty-free sounds that are bound to help your production. is an extensive database of user-submitted sounds with a wide range of sonic options.

YouTube Audio

YouTube’s Audio Library features everything from sci-fi one-shots to stereo ambiances.

Cymatics.FM Free Samples

Cymatics has some fantastic drum samples for $0.00. They also have a lot of melodic samples!


A good old Reddit search can be very fruitful. This particular subreddit has links to a ton of drum kits.

Sample Swap

Sample Swap is an excellent resource for tracking down melodic loops and vocal acapella samples.

Sample Focus

Sample Focus is a similar site and another haven for all sorts of drum loops and melodies.

Organic Drum Loops

Organic Drum Loops are great for getting full-room drum kits from all kinds of genres.


There are a few free plugins out there for the more adventurous producers that can help you create some free, unique sounds of your own!

Ample Guitar M Lite

A realistic-sounding acoustic guitar plugin capable of plucks, chords, riffs, and more.

Spitfire Audio Labs – Drums

Amongst Spitfire Audio’s free plugins is their drum plugins featuring tons of great drum samples recorded in their studio for the highest quality.

DSK Choirz

Choir’s are generally tricky to replicate, but this plugin makes it easy.


Vital is a mighty wavetable synthesizer that can create and mangle virtually any sound.

Basic 65

Basic 65 is an 8-bit chiptune synth that can help you nail down that retro sound.

Between all of these free sounds and plugins, you’re sure to create something great! But once you make your sounds and put your song together, you may need some help taking it to the next level.

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