10 Best Online Music Production Courses

10 Best Online Music Production Courses 10 Best Online Music Production Courses

Learning the art and craft of music production is the journey of a lifetime. You only get better the more you do it. 

But it helps to have a little instruction and inspiration on the way, and there’s no shortage of online resources to take your music production skills to the next level.

There’s a wealth of free blogs and YouTube tutorials out there, and these are are a fantastic way to learn new tips and tricks in music production. If you want to learn something specific, like how to mix drums , it’s a fairly straightforward search-and-watch process.

But when it comes to a broader subject like music production in general, figuring out what you want (or need) to learn, and staying on track while you’re doing so, can be a soul-crushing experience. 

That’s where online courses can give your music production skills a boost. Having a structured learning program with a step-by-step approach using modules and learning objectives is an effective way to learn.

And luckily for you we’ve sifted through the interwebs and rounded up the best online music production courses out there. So grab a beverage of your choosing and see what educational delights tickle your musical fancy.

But Wait, I'm A Bad*ss; Should I Pay For My Music Education?

It's true; the Beatles were self-taught musicians. Timbaland learnt hip hop production by just getting on with doing it.

So no, you don't have to pay for any courses to make music. Go ahead and do it. It's fun! And you will learn, and you will get better.

But if making professional sounding music is your career of choice, taking an online music production course would be a smart move. Things are moving fast, and having someone show you the ropes can move your career dial more quickly than the traditional trial and error DIY route.

We don't live in the Matrix however. The information you learn in an online music production course won't download into your brain to magically make you a stellar producer.

You'll still need to put in hours of actual practice, and spend time in your DAW crafting your sound. But an online course will get you started on that path.

Fine. Show Me The Courses.

Of course! Ready? Let's get started...

The 10 Best Online Music Production Courses

Andrew Huang Complete Music Production

If you're a fan of super-producer Andrew Huang you'll love this online course. Offered through Studio.com (formerly known as Monthly) this comprehensive set of video lessons covers just about everything you need to know about the music production process, including music theory, songwriting, sampling and sound design, as well as mixing and mastering.

In the lessons, Andrew Huang brings you into his studio, showing his production process as he works on 3 brand new songs from start to finish. Every idea he has, every decision he makes, and every tool and technique he uses, is explained in full.

The course retail price is perhaps a little steep but, as with many online course platforms, there's discounts to be had. When I last took a peek there was a 55% discount applied, making it fantastic value for money.

Aside from the massive amount of creative techniques Andrew shares in this course, I like the fact that this isn't a subscription-based platform. Once you've paid for the course you have it for life.

  • Course Title: Complete Music Production: Build Your Full Toolkit As A Versatile Music Producer
  • Platform: Studio.com
  • Cost: $450 (possibility of discount)
  • Length: 14h26m
  • Course Structure: Video lessons; watch on all devices; learn at your own pace; unlimited lifetime access
  • Requirements: None

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Berklee College of Music: Music Production Specialization

In case you didn't already know, Berklee College of Music is a renowned music college whose prestigious alumni include Steve Vai, Jon Mayer, and Quincy Jones.

With a cast list like that you'd be right in assuming tuition fees are sky-high.

Luckily though, you can access Berklee-quality tuition at a much lower cost thanks to Berklee Online. One of the biggest providers of worldwide music education, they offer a large selection of online courses both directly on their website, and through the subscription-based Coursera platform. Granted, with this route you won't get access to the master's degree programs, and you don't gain university credit for massive open online courses , but it's still top-notch tuition.

This particular course is actually a collection of 4 modules:

The Art of Music Production

This section is focused on developing your identity as a producer and/or artist

The Technology of Music Production

Not surprisingly, this module deals with the technical aspects of music and audio production, including how sound works, recording techniques, and using effects.

Pro Tools Basics

An introductory course on the basic concepts of working in the industry standard software for audio production.

Music Production Capstone

In this module, you'll learn how to be a producer by completing a project from pre-production through to mixing and mastering. Interestingly this includes less commonly-known producer skills, like using an emotional and dynamic timeline to map out your song, and communicating effectively with musicians.

Note that with a Coursera subscription you can add on any modules that are of interest to you to custom-build your own program. Your first month is free, so technically you could finish the whole course in a month and not pay a dime. But, it is a subscription and you won't be able to access or download the course materials once you stop paying.

  • Course Title: Music Production Specialization
  • Platform: Coursera
  • Cost: $39 per month (first month free); financial aid is available
  • Length: Recommended 16 weeks (four weeks per module)
  • Course Structure: Online videos, with related assignments to complete
  • Requirements: A computer that can run Pro Tools Intro (or higher); microphones encouraged, but not essential. No prior experience needed.

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Berklee College Of Music: Electronic Music Production Specialization

This program is geared specifically to folks who want to specialize in electronic music. Like the above course this program consists of four modules, and awards a shareable certificate upon completion.

The Technology of Music Production

In the first module you'll learn about how sound works, effects and filters, and how to set up and use your digital audio workstation - in this case you'll work with Ableton Live throughout the course.

Introduction to Ableton Live

The master DAW for electronic music production - Ableton Live - is covered in this module. Not an in-depth guide, but enough to get you started and creating a piece of music using MIDI and audio.

Creating Sounds for Electronic Music

Dive into sound design by creating custom synth patches, and learn how to use them in your music.

Electronic Music Performance Techniques

Focusing on the use of Electronic Digital Instruments (EDIs) this module will teach you how to build an arrangement on your EDI of choice, and tips on performing to a live audience.

  • Course Title: Electronic Music Production Specialization
  • Platform: Coursera
  • Cost: $39 per month (first month free)
  • Length: 50 hours (recommended 17 weeks)
  • Course Structure: Online lectures & reading, with related assignments and an applied learning project
  • Requirements: Computer running Ableton Live; basic knowledge about musical concepts and structure; no previous experience of electronic music required

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Introduction to Music Production Masterclass

Skillshare is another subscription-based learning site with lots of online music courses. There's plenty to choose from including DAW-specific courses, and detailed programs in recording, mixing, and mastering.

But if you're looking for a comprehensive music production course that'll teach you all the basics plus a good amount of deeper learning, then look no further than Jason Allen's Introduction to Music Production Masterclass.

Even if you're a level 1 newcomer to music production you won't get left behind. This extensive music production course starts with the basics of audio and digital recording, including a guide to what recording equipment and software you'll need.

After covering the basics of working within a DAW, the course goes on to look at how to use loops to compose music, sound design and synthesis, and much more.

One topic that's missing from this course is how to mix music to create professional sounding tracks. Luckily Jason has an entire mixing course also on Skillshare, and you can access that course as part of your subscription.

This music production course isn't tied to a particular genre or specific digital audio workstation. While Jason is best known for working with electronic music (and does so in Ableton Live), you'll find the concepts he teaches are applicable to whatever DAW you use to produce music.

  • Course Title: Introduction to Music Production Masterclass
  • Platform: Skillshare
  • Cost: $32 per month/$168 per year (first month free)
  • Length: 6h 32m
  • Course Structure: 99 on demand videos
  • Requirements: None, but recommended to have some form of music production software

Learn more at SkillShare.com

Music & Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide

If you want to use Logic Pro to compose music but have no idea where to start, head over to Udemy for this top-rated music production course.

Focusing solely on the industry standard DAW, the videos in this program cover every aspect of working in the software, from the basics of digital audio production, through composing music and audio editing, right up to the final stages - mastering music using only stock plugins. (Side note: when you get to that stage, why not compare your efforts to eMastered ? It's free to try out after all!)

In addition to the online videos there are downloadable resources, including cheat sheets, checklists and project files and templates. You can even access the instructor with any questions.

The modules cover just about every aspect of working in Logic. As someone who's worked with Logic for over 15 years and still discovers new things to speed up my workflow on a daily basis, I'd say it's a solid choice. This course will fast track you on your path to creating professional music, missing out frustration stations along your (learning) way.

You can start the course without owning Logic Pro, but I'd recommend at least committing to buying it before signing up for the course. Even with the hefty discounts offered to first time users (83% at the time of writing) it's still money down the drain if you decide to use another DAW, like Ableton, to produce music.

One thing worth noting: the course length shows as 40 hours, but 25 of those are mix demonstrations. Still, it's useful to watch and learn about audio engineering as it's being done.

  • Course Title: Music & Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Cost: $150 (discounts often available)
  • Length: 40 hours
  • Course Structure: On demand videos, 15 articles, 2 downloadable resources, certificate of completion
  • Requirements: Computer that can run Logic

Learn more: https://www.udemy.com/course/music-production-in-logic-pro-x-course/

FL Studio 21 - Music Production In FL Studio 21 for Mac & PC

And just to show all's fair in love and music production, Udemy also offers this great online course on FL Studio.

Geared towards users who want to use FL Studio to create electronic music, this course claims to show you how to learn music production in just a day. They even throw in some royalty free sample packs (nice!) and a personal critique of your music as bonuses.

In addition to teaching beginners how to get started in FL, the instructor also covers other topics such as songwriting and arranging, and mastering techniques. There's even some music theory thrown in too.

One of the standout aspects of this online music production course is the way it's presented. After covering the basics of the DAW, there's a whole section on best practices for starting a project. This includes gems like setting up a project template, using grouping, and handy shortcuts. The modules then move on to fleshing out your initial idea to create a full track.

The meat of the content is in the next two modules which show two complete tracks being built from start to finish. A project template is included, so you can learn by recreating the tracks and comparing your final result to theirs.

  • Course Title: FL Studio 21 - Music Production In FL Studio 21 for Mac & PC
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Cost: $150 (discounts available)
  • Length: 29 hours
  • Course Structure: On demand video, 7 articles, 8 downloadable resources, certificate of completion
  • Requirements: Computer with a working copy of FL Studio (demo version is OK but not recommended)

Learn more: https://www.udemy.com/course/fl-studio/

Audio Mixing Masterclass

Bobby Owsinski has spent years working in the music industry as an engineer, producer, and session musician. He knows the ropes, and has written a couple of fantastic books about sound engineering and producing.

However, this article is all about online music production courses, and yes, Bobby's got one for that too.

This course is geared more towards traditional audio engineering skills (as opposed to tricks for working in a DAW), covering topics like when and how EQ should be used on an instrument, balancing bass and drums, and making your mix as interesting as possible.

Sound engineering is as much a part of music production as finger drumming . So if you're ready to take your mixes to the next level I'd recommend checking out Bobby's course.

In terms of costs, Linked In learning is a monthly subscription program so once you stop paying you'll stop being able to see the content.

Good news: the first month is free, and you can always cancel your subscription before the monthly fees kick in. Just remember to make meticulous notes!

  • Course Title: Audio Mixing Masterclass
  • Platform: Linked In Learning
  • Cost: $40 p/month (first month free)
  • Length: 9h 14m
  • Course Structure: Online videos
  • Requirements: None

Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/audio-mixing-master-class

Mark Ronson Music Production

BBC Maestro is a fairly new player in the online school arena. Similar in style to the more widely known MasterClass, the offering of courses range from cooking to dog training, and (obviously) include music composition and production as part of the fare.

While I'm not a huge fan of armchair education, I do believe that listening to, and watching, successful music producers talk about their process can be a huge knowledge bomb. You could also argue that some professors in educational institutions don't have their fingers on the pulse of the music business, so why not listen to someone who has garnered countless nominations and awards for a fraction of the cost instead?

I digress.

In this 18-video program the man behind Uptown Funk and Rehab sheds light on his music production techniques, including sampling vinyl, mashing up styles, preparing and working a session with an artist, and how to set up drums to get the sound you want.

While you might not learn music recording specifics, like how to side chain a kick drum to a bass guitar, you will certainly pick up some nuggets of wisdom from Mr. Ronson, and hopefully your own music will be inspired along the way.

  • Course Title: Mark Ronson Music Production
  • Platform: BBC Maestro
  • Cost: $89 (own for life); $10 per month subscription (billed annually)
  • Length: 6hrs
  • Course Structure: 18 video lessons, 48 page PDF of course notes
  • Requirements: None

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Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beat Making

Yeah, not a fan of armchair learning, but like I said you can get both knowledge and inspiration from this kind of 'passive learning'. Hence my inclusion of Timbaland's MasterClass program.

In this series of videos, the master producer walks us through his process for producing music, including creative ways to manipulate samples and create beats. Peppered with tidbits of advice on music production from his collaborators, the series also gives inspiration about music in general and shows how some of Timbaland's hit songs originated.

Music production fundamentals it most certainly isn't, but it is an inspiring course. And if you combine it with the deadmau5, Armin van Buuren, or other music-focused courses available on the platform, you'll find an annual subscription will give you great value for money in terms of expert music instruction.

The only downside to MasterClass (and other subscription based platforms) is that you don't get lifetime access to the course(s).

A better way to look at an annual subscription to MasterClass is that you get to spend several hours inside the heads of some serious music-making talent. $120 for six hours with Hans Zimmer and Timbaland? Count me in!

  • Course Title: Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beat making
  • Platform: Masterclass
  • Cost: $10 per month, billed annually
  • Length: 3 hours
  • Course Structure: 15 video lessons; accompanying PDF guide with assignments and notes
  • Requirements: None

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This isn't actually one music production course. It's a whole bunch of online courses and resources dedicated to electronic music, and I'm running out of (virtual) space to write about them.

While the Hyperbits site is a tad spammy with it's pop-up boxes, and endless page scrolling to get to the actual cost, they do offer some fantastic online courses.

Hyperbits Groundwork

Choose between Ableton Live and Logic Pro, and spend less time on guesswork and more time producing music by learning the fundamentals of music production in your DAW of choice.

Best part? This course is entirely free.

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Hyperbits Bootcamp

A complete program of content to boost your songwriting, design signature sounds, and create professional sounding music. This bootcamp includes mixing templates for Ableton and Logic, sample packs and soundbanks, and track feedback.

At the time of writing enrollment is closed, but you can sign up to be on their waitlist.

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Hyperbits Masterclass

The big mutha. Compared to the other music production courses here it's hella expensive. And yet still a fraction of the cost of attending online courses somewhere like Point Blank.

The pre-recorded videos in this program cover everything from setting up your space and writing melodies, through to mastering techniques and marketing your music.

On top of that there's weekly group sessions where you can get all your burning questions answered by pros. And if you pay for the top coaching tier your get personal sessions with a producer to help get your music to the next level.

There's plenty of bonus material too, including sample packs, artist and genre breakdown templates, and software discounts.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? If you're serious, for sure.

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  • Course Title: Hyperbits Groundwork/Bootcamp/Masterclass
  • Platform: Hyperbits.com
  • Cost: Free - $5,000
  • Length: 4 weeks - 1 year
  • Course Structure: Online videos, group sessions (masterclass only), one on one coaching (optional)
  • Requirements: Minimum 6-12 months music production experience (masterclass)


Online learning is a huge business. Once you've read this article the cookies are going to kick in, and the ads WILL find you.

Fear not! Choose a course that suits your needs, your budget, and your current skill level. Learn what you can, take away what's useful, and ignore the rest. Rinse and repeat. Keep learning, and keep making(eth) the music.

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